Our Wonderful Insurance Carriers

This is a little off topic, but I have to share some of the reasons most of us have come to love our insurance carriers and their industry as a whole.

For starters, the insurance companies are one of the few businesses I know of that go to extraordinary levels NOT to provide the very services to their clients for which they are being contracted to provide.  Worse yet, they are typically in an adversarial position with both the client and the service providers they are contracted to pay and even often work to create conflicts between the provider [think Doctor] and the client [think Patient].  Really unbelievable!

Add to that the fact that these very same companies take the profits they derive from their clients and spend large sums lobbying government [read bribe] for legislation so they can further take advantage [read screw] of their clients and providers.  Yikes!

The other interesting aspect about their business model is they treat their repeat and loyal customers worse than new customers just joining.  They few their existing customers as a source of funds they can take advantage of.

In my particular case, my auto carrier – Nationwide Insurance – had been increasing my premiums year over year even though I haven’t had an accident or ticket, and my cars were getting older and older.  I called my agent the other day and they did a re-quote.  Guess what…. my premiums went down 38% plus my deductible went from $1000 to $250 and I have increased coverage in a few areas.  To me, this is just outrageous.  

I would get rid of them completely but I believe they are all the same.  I have done this same thing with State Farm, AllState, 20th Century, and others over the years.

If you have gotten a requote on your insurance in a couple of years I gurantee you’re paying too much.

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