Obama and His Pastor

Ok, We just hit an all time low.

I find it incredibly amazing that it took Obama all this time to finally denounce his beloved Pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. At best, this shows a complete lack of judgment and inability to be able to decide right from wrong. At worst, it suggests that Obama actually believes what this jerk has to say.

Seriously, how does one sit in this guys church for 20 years listening to this nonsense. The pastor is racist, delusional, and stupid at the very least. For Obama not to recognize that says everything about his judgment and leadership abilities. It is amazing to me that it takes a second incident from the guy for the official denouncement. After the first episode, Obama says that he could no sooner denounce his pastor than he could his “white” mother.  I’m not even sure I know what that means?

Well Obama, news for the day. the train just left the station and you’re not on it.

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