Hillary’s Historic Opportunity

I’m no political expert to be sure, but it seems to me that Hillary is at a place here where she is probably capable of making a historic move, a move that could potentially change our two party system and alter the future of our country.

Unlike Obama or McCain, Hillary is very well known and somewhat of a political icon in her own right. Add to that the popularity and political clout of her husband Bill and you have a combination that could easily step out as an independent or even start a new party.

If Hillary were to run as an independent, taking a centrist and populist position, she would easily split the Democratic party right in half, possibly even better. That is proven in this recent race. Further, as a centrist, I believe she could pull at least 1/3 of the Republican vote. Doing that math, she can win as an Independent in my view.

We have a situation right now where both major parties have moved as far away from the center as they can get. They have both disenfranchised at least 50% of their members who have to feel they have no where else to go. Give them a reasonable choice and they will leave in an instant. That’s the argument for a new party.

This is not without precedent at all. Look at what Joe Lieberman recently did in Connecticut when the Democratic Party left him for a more liberal candidate. He ran as an Independent and won the contest. Hillary could do the same on a National level and actually picking Joe as a VP choice wouldn’t hurt at all.

I’m surprised that she’s throwing her support to Obama right now. While this will strengthen his chances at the White House and unify the party, it actually signals the end of her political career and that of Bill’s as well.

I would not have thought that she is at a point where she is ready to ride off into the sunset.

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