Converting xls to xml

I’m in the process of developing a small program in Flex using FlexBuilder 3.  One of my needs for the application is to access an xml file using HttpService.  Of course the first step is to create a xml file to access.

While you can probably create an xml file manually, doing that with anything other than a very small file is a lot of work.  After searching for a tools to convert xls format to xml, I found a python script created by Alex Boschmans that works great.

If you follow the link you’ll see I had a couple of startup issues that required a small change in the csv file saved using MS Office Excel 2008 on the mac.  I just needed to change the format of the csv from mac (cr) to unix (lf) format.  After that, everything worked great.  My understanding is the program works fine as is in a windows environment.

Many thanks to Alex !

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