Windows 7 – Power Down Feature/Defect

I hate to complain about Microsoft, but considering they’ve been the leader in the Operating System world for over 20 years you’d think that they’d at least get the simple things right.

Truly,  only M$ can start with a good idea and design it in such a way that they’ve actually designed in a defect.  In my most recent experience, my Windows 7 system comes put of the box with a “Power Setting” that shuts the system off after an hour of inactivity.

Now this could be a useful way to save electricity and be a bit more environmentally conscientious.  That would be if the feature actually worked.  Seems pretty basic as systems have been doing this sort of thing for many years.

The way people implement this type thing is to save everything the computer is doing then either power down or go into some other sort of hibernate mode so when the system powers back up it just picks up where it left off.  M$ use to do this, and I believe the Intel Chip set has supported this feature for many years.  Of course, when M$ implemented hibernate on previous systems it was truly a painful experience because it took so long.  It was almost as painful as a complete restart anyway, but I’ll give them this.  At least it worked.

Fast forward to 2010 and Windows 7.… they power down completely and then when you power back up you’re presented with a screen that says something to the effect the system was shut down illegally and is recovering.

Come on guys! Not only is this annoying, it’s pathetic!

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