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I recently joined Wind Over Wings as a member of their Board of Directors. Below is information about this fine organization.


Wind Over Wings, Inc. is a nonprofit, wildlife rehabilitation and education center. Our goal in education is to provide a personal connection with wildlife that will lead to responsible stewardship of the environment. Our goal in rehabilitation is to release wildlife back to their natural environment when viable.

Here is a Short Video about Wind Over Wings. It was created and donated to Wind Over Wings by John Anderson of Terramar Productions LLC

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Wind Over Wings became incorporated as a nonprofit in 1990. With the approval of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection, our rehabilitation and educational services flourished. We specialize in the rehabilitation of raptors, particularly eagles. We provide approximately 330 environmental education programs annually speaking with over 100,000 people not including television audiences. We believe that when adults and children make a connection with wildlife, intentional cruelty will lessen.
Volunteer Opportunities

WOW offers a rare opportunity to work with animals that much of the general public never sees. Jobs include feeding birds, working with educational (non-releasable) birds, assisting with medical treatments, doing rescues and releases, cleaning aviaries, constructing habitats, assisting in speaking engagements.

Office work includes assisting with the newsletter, public relations and membership correspondence, creating mailings and fundraising activities. The knowledge that we are giving back some of what we, as humans, have taken from wildlife is what keeps most of the volunteers coming back year after year.

Ever Consider Adopting?

You can adopt (sponsor) one of our special birds, and help subsidize the cost of feeding, medical treatment, and aviary construction and daily care. In return, we’ll send you an adoption certificate, a photograph and biography of your bird. The cost is $100 per bird. To adopt your bird please complete the Adoption Form

This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know these special ambassadors and to help Wind Over Wings continue our work in environmental education and rehabilitation. Wind Over Wings holds special permits from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection, which allows us to have these birds for educational programs. So, by adopting a bird, it will not be showing up on your doorstep looking for a room with a view. The bird will remain at Wind Over Wings.

An adoption makes a memorable gift to an adult or child! Schools and classrooms adopt birds of their choice. Students do amazing things! Many students have raised money to adopt a bird with Wind Over Wings. The Old Saybrook Middle School 5th graders designed environmental cards, which they sold on behalf of Wind Over Wings. An art class in Torrington made jewelry, which was sold to raise the money for the adoption. Lyme Consolidated students recycled cans and did chores. At the Greenwich Country Day School, each class in the lower school adopted a bird. They did chores, had lemonade stands, and washed cars. Amazing! They raised far more than the $100 per bird adoption fee. The additional money enabled us to complete special projects in the birds’ aviaries. We built a ramp for Faith to go into her shed, and made food boxes for the raptors. Give kids a chance and watch what they can do!



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