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It’s been a while since I last posted here.

I’ve been busy with a few new service offerings plus an ebook titled CRM Success Series – User Adoption Planning which you can down load from the ETP site.

My latest offering is Hosted Web Form Services including a Hosted Database and Email Blast Service.  This is a great service fit for someone managing a small business who would rather spend their valuable time running the business than working on their web site.  Hosted Web Form Services is offered through ETP Marketing.

The service provides a link for the user’s web site that will take their clients to a Hosted Web Page at ETP Marketing which includes their custom language, graphics, and desired form data.

When their client fills out the form, several things occur…

  • The user receives an email with all of the form data
  • The client receives and email with all of the form data
  • The Hosted Database is appended with the form data
  • The client is redirected to a new url.  This is typically a Thank You page or a targeted landing page on the user’s site.

We send the user a copy of the Database in excel format every two weeks for the records.  We offer a email blast service associated with Hosted Web Forms where we will send up to four emails per month to the users database using their html email.

We provide the user with email blast reports within 48 hrs which show opens, bounces, clicked, and forward data which the user can then act on.

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