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Well, if you’ve been following these posts you know my last one was about putting together a meaningful auto-response for the potential client when they fill out the form.  I went on to describe the type of landing page that probably would make sense for the client.

At this point, there are a reasonable amount of people that would think: now that we have the clients in a database, it’s time to begin sending out email blasts with promotions, discount offers, and coupons every week or so.

In my view that’s a big mistake! That’s probably one of the biggest reasons people doing email blasts have large unsubscribe rates and really low conversion rates. Think about this:  These people barely know you or your company yet.  Give them a break.

This is the time when you think about process and lead nurturing.  Believe it or not, these folks are not in love with you or your product…yet. They will be, but you need to develop this relationship by giving them something.  Provide them with a free white paper or free tutorial or a free software item every week or two. Encourage feedback.  You’ll be surprised at the increase in your email blast statistics, new sign-ups, and click through rates.  This really works well and potential customers will begin to have some loyalty once they begin using your products or services.

So, have a little patience!  Give your customers time to get to know you.  Help them get to know you and use promotions when appropriate and less frequently.  In the case of promotions, sometimes less can be more.

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