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I continue to make my way through all of the material I gathered at Search Engine Strategies last month.  Quite a few companies that are doing really excellent work.

One such company is Engine Ready out of San Diego.  I downloaded a couple of items  off of their website that are really interesting.

  1. First – – Ever wondered whether visitors from paid listings converted better than visitors from an organic listing? Or which type of visitor tends to stay the longest on a site and spend the most amount of money? You’ll find the answers here in our 2 year study involving over 18 million web site visitors.
  2. Second – – The world’s largest list of Negative Keywords.

The study is quite interesting as it covers a two year period where the measured results from b2b and b2c companies for various aspects of conversion data metrics covering many millions of web hits and visits.  The results are interesting and the study is well worth a read.

The world’s largest list of negative works is interesting too.  They have listed some 400+ negative works and have them sorted by type of business or website.  They definitely put a lot of work into the list which I commend.  That said, this certainly isn’t the largest list of negative keywords and as a Glyphius user and reseller, I can say that when you run the words through Glyphius you find that there are a number of words that aren’t negative at all.  You can get a copy of Glyphius here and see for yourself.

Engine Ready has some real interesting Analytical capabilities and their products are really worth a look.  One of the interesting things that they do is tie call analytics to web, email, PPC, and other marketing campaigns.  This is really helpful in getting a true picture of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Example being, do we know how many customers simply pick up the phone and place an order after you’ve sent a mail blast out, rather than clicking through to your website and ordering online.  Very interesting data point to be sure. 

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