WatchmenI went to see Watchmen last night.  I read the book a few months back which is considered the benchmark for the graphic novel genre. I have enjoyed graphic novels in the past and Watchmen was certainly no exception.  Very well done.

As for the movie, I was really interested in seeing how they would approach bringing the story to the big screen.  As far as I could see, with the exception of the ending, the writer and director pretty much followed the novel almost literally frame by frame.  I would have expected more creativity from an interpretation standpoint plus I believe they could have done a better job with character development.

The director followed the novel so closely that if you see this movie without having previously read the book you will have a lot of trouble following the story and the characters.

On the positive side of the equation, the graphics were really good and they certainly kept my attention the entire show, which runs 163 minutes.  That’s saying a lot since I can’t say that about most movies these days.

All in all, you’ll enjoy Watchmen!

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