Using Hosted Web Forms to Sell Events

Whether you are a not for profit or a small business selling services and products and services, you probably invite your customers and potential customers to events regularly.  Typical events can rage from:

  • Speaking
  • Training
  • Webinars
  • Book Signing
  • New Product release
  • Annual company celebration
  • Customer Appreciation Days
  • Golf Outing

The list can go on and on.  The ideal solution for events, whether you charge for them or not, is a Hosted Web Form from ETP Marketing.

You can post your event on your web site, your blog, twitter, facebook, print adds, company newsletters, and more.  Simply include a link to your Hosted Web Form and you’re all set.  People will sign up and pay (if required) for your event in advance.  You can then be comfortable hosting your event knowing you’ll have at least a certain number of attendees.  You may find you have a few additional people sign up at the event itself.

Coordinating the event will require a minimal amount of effort and expense.  In my view, you’d have to get pretty large from an events perspective before you out grow Hosted Web Forms and have to move to actual event planning software.

This will afford you the time and resources to focus your time on what’s really important!  Hosting a Great Event.

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