Using Auto-Responder with Hosted Web Forms

When you use Web Forms or even just a Website in general you ought to think about process particularly as it relates to your visitors and future potential customers.  Marketing people call this lead nurturing, which amounts to walking a potential customer through a process where they get to know you, trust you, become familiar with your products and services, and ultimately become part of your customer community.

The first step using a Hosted Web Form is setting up your Auto-ResponderHow many times have you filled out a form and even sometimes even a lengthy form and when you’re done you wind up getting redirected to a blank page with some simple “Thank You” message?  I don’t know about you, but that leaves me cold.

Think about Customer Persona(s) as you are creating your first Auto-Response.  Who are these folks?  What are their interests?  How can I Help Them?  These are great questions and a great place to start.  Generally, when someone fills out a form they are expressing interest in you and your company but probably don’t really know that much at this point.

Start by thanking them and then continue with a little more information about you and/or your company.  Let them know what they can expect from you in the future.  Perhaps you’re going to be sending them promotions or newsletter in the future.  Let them know it so they’ll be looking for it rather than being surprised by it.

Provide them with useful links to your site, other sites, or even white papers.  Give them a reason to be involved with you and your company.

To my original point, be sure to redirect them to a web page after they fill out the form that provides all of what the auto-response email does and more.

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