Twitter – Too Much of a Good Thing

I use Twitter and find it useful for doing research, staying in touch with people, asking questions in webinars, and a variety of others things.  I have Twitter results enabled in all of my Google searches because the results are really useful and generally quite different from what comes up in Google or any of the other search engines.

What I find not useful is having people “Tweet” 20-30 times in a row or several tweets per hours about things which have little meaning or use to anyone. I am particularly amazed and annoyed when the people doing this are actually marketing people professing to really understand social media as the new marketing.  They really don’t get what using social media for marketing is all about in my view.  Actually, I’m not sure the understand what marketing communication is all about.

The good aspects of the product can really be compromised by people that over use it.  The end result is that I simply ignore all of their posts and if it really gets bad, I just unfollow them. I’m sure I’m not unique in this.

Being effective with communications, whether it’s purely social, inbound or traditional outbound, requires thought coupled with value.  A few well thought messages that actually provide meaningful information and value to the reader is way more effective than a million meaningless communications.

The “tune out” factor is huge.

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