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Twitter LogoI’ve been doing a bit of research lately on the way businesses are using Twitter to expand their market presence.  After watching Laura Fitton’s webinar on Twitter, I’ve decided to take her advise.  I will spend the next 3-4 weeks really watching trends and exploring the various use cases for it before I even sign up.

I have used Twitter Search to  add a number of search feeds I’m interested in to my Google Reader.  This makes it real easy for me to review what’s going on in the industries I’m interested in without spending a lot of time.  I’ve also installed the Greasemonkey add ontoFirefox.  This is a Firefox scripting add-on that supports a variety of scripts.  I have added the script for allowing Google Searches to display the 5 most recent Tweets for every search I do. This is actually pretty cool because it allows you to see in real time what people are saying about the item you are searching for.

I found this feature pretty useful and have already noticed that I’m pretty apt to follow the Tweet links before I even follow the search result links.  Given that I do marketing consulting and am quite interested in SEO and web analytics, I find this quite interesting.

Given the size and growth of Twitter, this could have profound implications for SEO and Google’s overall revenue model when you get right down to it.  I have already read a number of blogs where people are saying they use Twitter Search rather than Google.


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