The World is Flat

The World is FlatMy friend Bill is reading “The World is Flat”  right now.  We were talking about how much things have changed over the last 10 years, for the better I might add.

Being a technology person and in particular, being involved with the Open Source Software movement for the last 10 years, I have kind of been living in that world in a very real sense.  That type of software development is great because it attracts talented people from around the world that come together to achieve common goals.  Work gets done around the globe and literally 24 hours per day.  Along the way, these teams have managed to develop tools that really facilitate communication and people working in disparate locations.

This morning a did a quick analysis of sales of Glyphius Software.  It looks like sales are running about 50 – 50 between US and Rest of World Sales.  Given that I sell predominately through this website that shouldn’t be a tremendous surprise.

I put the book next in my reading list.  Its been around for a while and I see that its just gone through a revision, so I expect it’ll be interesting.

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