Symantec – Norton Antivirus 2006

Well, this is the last time Symantec gets to work me over with their order process. I have had it and they have officially lost me as a customer.

I just upgraded my antivirus from Norton Antivirus 2005 to 2006. I have to say that their process for upgrading product is by far and away, the most cumbersome, lengthy one I’ve ever dealt with. No customer should ever be subjected to something like this.

Further, if you call the customer service number it only gets worse. It’s total IVR, with no hope of ever reaching a human or getting the simple information you need. They have a 60 day refund policy which I have no doubt would be more painful than it could possibly be worth.

I will never order from Symantec again. If anyone can suggest a good alternative, please do.

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