Standard Contractor Agreement Template

AgreementAfter you use something for a while you can tell if it is really good or not.

It turns out that “Standard Contractor Agreement Template” and “Contractor Agreement Template” are two of the highest hit rate search terms on the website.  I get quite a few downloads every week which either meas to me that there are an awful lot of people out there doing Software Consulting, Contracting, and Professional Services, or the document is really good.

I’m sure it’s both.

I have personally used this particular Standard Contractor Agreement Template for years, so I can attest to its value and utility.  It is the best one I’ve ever come across because it handles most use cases plus it is generally accepted by both parties with little or no change, which is nice when you want to get down to business.

I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal but believe me, a bad agreement can set you back in the sales process for weeks on end.

It’s good to start with something that works.

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