Spit (SPam over Internet Telephony)

As offensive and intrusive as I find most Outbound Marketing, it is nowhere near as offensive as politicians that use Spit (SPam over Internet Telephony) Marketing.  I really wonder if they even have a clue the negative effect of this type marketing has on their campaign.

Recently, I have two different politicians running campaigns this way.  You get a pre-recorded call, usually around dinner time, instructing you to stay on the line to attend so and so’s Town Hall meeting.  Here’s what that does for me… I stay on the line long enough to get their name and write it down so that I can be sure not to inadvertently vote for them.  How’s that for results.

Interestingly, I seem to be getting more and more unsolicited emails from companies too.  In many cases the practices are actually illegal.  Many think it’s OK to put you on an email list if they somehow get a hold of your email address whether you opt in or not.

Generally, I opt out which actually takes time.  Often, even after doing so I continue to get email from them. It’s pretty crazy and totally out of hand.  Or how about the “Marketing type” that goes on Twitter and “tweets” 15 times in a row announcing Joe Blows new widget?  Yikes!  Worse yet, I find this often under “Interactive Marketing”.

That agency is another one to stay well away from.  You’ll loose your hard earned money and the reputation of your company quite quickly.

Seriously, where do people come off thinking that there’s anything about that that’s OK.  How dare they.

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