SOA & LinuxWorld in NYC today

There are actually two conferences scheduled for today in NYC which I am registered to attend.

aerial_hotel_shot.jpgI was looking forward to the 2007 Web Services/SOA on Wall Street conference at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Conference highlights include:

  • SOA is Risky for Your Business – HP and Thomson Financial Case Study.

  • Accelerating Mergers & Acquisitions with SOA – led by webMethods.

  • Microsoft .Net 3.0: A Serious Play for SOA on Wall Street?

  • SOA Integration and Exception Management: One Size Doesn’t Fit All.

  • Integrating the Standards: Financial Messaging and the SOA Stack.

  • SOA Is Not An Island: Navigating the Emerging Technology Landscape.

This promises to be very interesting, although I suspect that attendance will probably be pretty low because of the weather. The show organizers did a nice job yesterday by pro actively sending out email saying that it won’t be snowing in NYC today. That is true, but it is sleeting right now and the surrounding areas are a mess. Instead of snow, we have gotten ice which is far worse. This will continue all day, making for a tough travel day. Even Metro North is having delays. Walking around in Manhattan won’t be fun either.

LWE07.jpgLinuxWorld Open Soultions Summit is a little different this year than most. It is smaller than previous years and is now located at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square instead of Javits where it had been previously held. The good news is that is fairly close to the Roosevelt so attending both is doable logistically.

The have changed the format to more of a conference / speaking event rather than an exhibition event. Linux has matured over the years, with increased adoption and consolidation. The way this relates to Open Source in general is that rather than having a large conference based on Open Source and the operating system, we have many of conferences that deal with specialized open source technologies like SOA, Wireless, Embedded, JAVA, Spring, AJAX, etc.

Its become an interesting place to be.

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