SES 2009

I attended SES 2009 {Search Engine Strategies} in NYC yesterday.  While I did find attending the event informative, there was a noticeable lower attendance and vendor participation.  Near as I could tell, there was probably about 30% fewer vendors there.

This is probably understandable given the state of the ecomomy.  Trade events aren’t generally the best place to spend your marketing dollars.  When things get tight, Trade Event budgets are the first to go.

It appeared that most of the larger companies did attend.  My sense is that many of the smaller and startup companies opted out.  I was a bit surprised that Twitter didn’t attend.  There’s an awful lot of buzz around them these days.  I’mm pretty well convinced they will be disrupting the search landscape as they grow.

Part of the issue is they’re new enough that people really haven’t figured out the best use cases for the technology.  They sure are trying and with business adoption growing super fast, I expect to see some dominant approaches begin to lead the pack later this year.

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