Search Engine Strategies 2008 – NYC

I attended the Search Engine Strategies 2008 conference [SES]  in NYC yesterday.  The conference was well attended and included many exhibitors, speakers, and sessions.  I plan to write about different topic areas and exhibitors over the next few days.

As with most conferences, the exhibitors tend to fall into several main categories.   This conference was no differen.  So even though the show was titles Search Engine Strategies, I found the exhibitors tended to aggregate into:

  • Pure Search – this would be companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask
  • Search aggregators –  these are companies that combine search results from many different engines and serve up adds at specific sites
  • Local search – providing local search results for companies
  • Targeted search –  companies that provide some sort of b2b targets or some sort of specific search niche.  Many of these companies are specializing in their own sort of niche search marketing programs.
  • Email Marketing
  • Web ad marketing – there were quite a few agencies represented.
  • Affiliate marketing companies
  • SEO / SEM firms – quite a few full service firms in this space
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Web analytics – lots of these including the usual large players like Google
  • Test Solutions – I thought test was pretty big here.  There were a number of companies that had solutions for A/B testing, MVT [Multi Variant Testing] , and Multi PathTesting. Test was well represented and quite important, particularly when you consider that the point of all of this is to get sales revenue up through increased conversion rates.

The vendors ranged from large to small and I thought the way the exhibit halls were set up was good for all of them.  You tended to pass the small ones just as easily as you did the large.  Some had really excellent solutions and approaches.

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