SaaS – Deploying Cloud Apps

There is really quite a bit of talk these days about companies deploying SaaS type apps to the cloud.  There are a lot of good reasons to do so, not the least of which being agility.  Generally you can get a cloud app up and running quite a bit faster than you could if you had deployed on your own servers.

Coming on the heels of a recession, companies look at the SaaS approach as one that is cost effective, fast, flexible, and scalable up or down as they generally charge by the seat or licensed user.  This can take quite a bit of risk out of the equation, particularly for small companies and start-ups.  In some cases, companies use the cloud for their entire IT infrastructure and have no internal infrastructure at all.  This saves capital and allows them to employ virtual teams, hiring the best resources wherever they may be.

While on the surface (and if you listen to the “cloud vendors”) going with cloud solutions sounds really easy, the devil is always in the detail as they say. If you do or attempt to do a deployment without really designing the solution properly you will find user adoption to be quite low and in many cases it won’t work properly.  Getting an app up and running fast is useless if it doesn’t work or people aren’t using it.

Whether you are deploying a CRM app like Salesforce, an HR app, an office type app, or an ecommerce app, you really should take a careful look at the actual deployment architecture along with the business processes that will be impacted and which systems will require some sort of integration.

At ETP, we do assessments for clients for this very reason. After you’ve decided you want to deploy an app and maybe have even developed an implementation plan, it really helps to have another set of eyes look at it. As an outside vendor, we can come in and take a fresh look at what’s being proposed, looking at the project from many different angles.  You’d be amazed at what gets missed just because you’re very close to it.  This is a very low cost way to provide your organization with a little insurance before you make a commitment.

As with any enterprise software project, implementation and integration can take twice as long as you thought and cost twice as much.  Doing it right the first time will really pay off.

You can contact ETP here if you’d like us to help.  There is no charge for an initial consultation.

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