Project Engagement Estimator Worksheet

How many times have you found yourself planning a Project or putting together an Engagement Proposal with no tools to help you?  I have often so that’s why I created the Project Engagement Estimator Worksheet.  I have literally been using it for years.

The worksheet is set up so that it does a lot of the work for you.  The project Metrics tab looks like this and fills and auto-calculates in the fields in the Project Cost Allocations and Project Cost Alloc Milestones tabs.

Project Metrics

The worksheet is designed for small projects, but does take into account allocations for Project Management and Program Management hours.

The sheets can be modified fairly easily to fit your particular needs.  One of the nicest things I like about them is they can be copied and pasted into your proposals with little change of saved as a gif or PDF and attached to your proposals.

Project Milestone

This Template / Tool is great for Sales Managers or Account Executives who regularly put together Sales Proposals for Professional Services Engagements.

Take note: This document is set up to calculate project costs once you allocate values for Hourly Rate, Project Management, Program Management, etc. It is extremely versatile and designed with the expectation that you will want to paste the worksheets into customer proposals.

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