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I added a Product Launch List to my website {Emerging Technology Partners} that can be used by Marketing Product Managers.

The Product Launch List is a checklist that should be used by Marketing Product Managers when doing New Product Introductions or initial Product Launches. The Product Launch List is in a WBS Format [Work Breakdown Structure]. It is in no particular order and is designed to show graphically and in list format the high level tasks that marketing needs to perform when Launching, Introducing, or Upgrading Products for release into the Marketplace.

This list should be used by Product Marketing Managers as a starting point for creating a comprehensive Marketing Implementation Plan.  I hope people find it useful and certainly if you have additions or recommendations for the list I will add them.

While the list is not comprehensive it does cover most of the high level tasks one should be doing or at least reviewing when bringing products to market.  Over the years I have been amazed by the number of times I’ve seen products introduced or released where the marketing group missed major tasks associated with the Product Launch.

Part of this exercise has to do with me experimenting with Flex Builder.  For the graphical portion  I used the Visualizer swc developed by Kap Labs.  It’s a pretty functional piece of software with quite a few different ways to display this type of data.

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