Magnolia – Simple Enterprise Content Management

I met Boris Kraft, CSO of OBinary at T&L 2006. OBinary is the company that created Magnolia CMS. Not being familiar with the product I decided to give it a try. I downloaded the Community Edition, version 3.0 beta, and got it running on my laptop. It’s really pretty easy.

You need to download and install JAVA if you don’t have it. Next is download and install the magnolia files. Then all you need to do to run it is from the command line, C:\set JAVA_HOME=YOUR_JAVA1.4_HOME
> C:\INSTALL_DIRECTORY\tomcat\bin\startup.bat. In my particular case, the JAVA 1.4 Home was something like d:\sun\appserver\jdk, which I think is the default for Sun’s install. Startup.bat is wherever you unzipped it to.

The product is pretty intuitive and easy to use. I haven’t experimented too much with the workflow or document management aspects of it yet, but the web page creation and management features are really nice. Quite easy to use.

They seem to have quite a few large companies using Magnolia today. I expect this will increase dramatically once the word gets out. I’ll be trying other functionality later this week.

I am planning to attend a Xythos webinar on Thursday and hopefully review the Alfresco product next weekend. CMS is interesting and dynamic in the OSS arena.

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