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wordtracker_text.gifI’ve been doing quite a bit of Keyword Research lately using Wordtracker.  Its not a bad tool and using it in conjunction with other tools like Glyphius, make for very interesting results.  You really have to spend quite a bit of time with these tools before you really get good at using them.

Wordtracker has an interesting article on why one would use “Long Tail Keyword Phrases” for selling products:

To help illustrate this phenomenon, let’s take a look at the typical step-by-step buying path that a customer travels on the way to a making a purchase.

  1. Consumer becomes aware of a product.
  2. Consumer seeks information about that product in preparation for possible purchase.
  3. Consumer evaluates alternatives to product (features, pricing, etc…).
  4. Consumer makes their purchase decision.
  5. Consumer pulls out their credit card and completes the transaction.
  6. Consumer then evaluates the product after buying it and decides if they want to keep or return it.

Using the above six step path to a purchase as our model, you can probably already see that you want to target the consumer who is somewhere around step 4…

Of course, actually doing this is not quite as easy as one would think.  Particularly optomizing phrases and then copy such that you have an excellent KEI [Keyword Effectiveness Index] is easier said than done.

Quite a bit of work, but well worth the effort.  I guess if it were really easy everyone would have great results and then we’d have to find another way to differentiate outselves on the web.

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