Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips??

Ok.  This is a bit off topic for me but it’s funny enough to be worth sharing.

I’m working in Minneapolis this week.  Yesterday, I thought I’d stay in the hotel and get some work done so I picked up a sandwich and a bag of chips on the way back to the hotel from the office.

Old Dutch Ketchup chips

As I began to eat the chips, still having never looked at the bag, I thought what a weird flavor.  I thought they were some kind of BBQ chip but on closer inspection I discover they are Ketchup flavored chips sold by a company called Old Dutch.  Only in Minneapolis I guess??

The chips taste somewhat like eating french fries that are smothered in ketchup.  This was a lifetime first for me both in the tasting catagory and the knowing the food even exists catagory.  They weren’t all that bad, but I still could only eat a few before I felt compelled to throw them out.

I’ll take a closer look when I pick up food in the future.

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