Interactive Marketing Spend

Shar VanBoskirk has an interesting post yesterday on the Forrester Blog regarding Interactive Marketing spend and the forecasted reductionin overall Advertising Budgets over the next few years.

She comments . . .

But to me, the most interesting takeaway from the research is that overall advertising budgets will decline.  Yep.  With dollars moving out of traditional media toward less expensive and more efficient interactive tools, marketers will actually need less money to accomplish their current advertising goals.   But reasonable marketers won’t relinquish budget because their programs are running too efficiently. Instead, marketers will allocate unused advertising dollars into investments like innovation, research, customer service, customer experiences, and marketing-specific technology and IT staff, in order to further marketing’s strategic influence within their companies.

Interactive Marketing

This is yet another illustration of the overall direction of marketing spend and importantly consumer behavior.  Companies which fail to recognize these changes will surely fall behind.

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