Increasing Revenue with Hosted Web Forms

Now that we’ve added PayPal support for our Hosted Web Forms, it’s time to add a few examples of how people can use Hosted Web Forms to Increase Revenue. Importantly, their are a number of side benefits that fall out of this process of using Hosted Web Forms.  These benefits include reduced errors, reduction of credit card processing effort and mistakes, reduction of email entering errors, easier emailing, easier ordering and fulfillment, increased cash flow, and increased actual sales.

The Wine of the Month Club Example

Manual Process

Imagine you own a Wine Store and you want to start a Wine of the Month Club to increase sales and customer loyalty. {I’ve belonged to a couple.  They’re fun and inexpensive}.  So what do you do?

You probably begin with a little “space advertising” in the store that says something like “Ask us about out Wine Club“.  Maybe you even have some other signage or fliers describing the Wine Club details.

Now you have to be available to talk to the person and sell the program. Once they’re convinced, you get out your sign-up book where you have the customer enter their contact details including email and/or mailing address along with their selection of the type of program.  Perhaps it’s two per month for $25, either 2 reds, 2 whites, or one of each.  Finally, you get their credit card and enter all of their information for each sale.  You have your first order.

Now it’s time to fulfill your Wine Club Orders.  About mid-month you go through your book and manually calculate how many of each type wine to order.  Next you need to manually enter all of your email addresses in a database for your notification email to be sent at the end of the month {This part is prone to error both on interpreting the clients and writing and typos that you make}.

The Wine arrives and you bag it and tag it.  You send out an email using your home system in which case it’s time consuming and provides little report email data or you pay $15 per month and use an email service.  Next you begin processing all of the credit card payments for the $25 manually.  You probably need to run off receipts for each order and put them in the bag.  Customer comes in, picks up order, and you’re done.  Pretty easy, eh?

The Hosted Web Form Approach

You start by designing a Web Page that describes your Wine Club details.  You Print off a number of these pages so you can use them as sales collateral throughout the store and at the checkout cash register.  On the Wine Club Web Page you have a link or button that takes the client to the Sign-up page on the Hosted Web Form.

You put up a large sign in the middle of the store that says “Sign-up for our Wine of the Month Club”, under which you place a PC that is always on displaying the Wine Club web page you created.

Whether you are in the store or not and whether or not the client is in the store or at home, the client reads the web page and clicks through to the Web Form sign-up page.  At this point the client enters all of their information and makes payment using a recurring payment button on the Hosted Web Form.

Upon completion, the client will receive notification of the transaction completion from you plus separate notification from PayPal for the completion of their financial transaction.  You will receive the same for both as the money would been transferred to your PayPal account at that point.

Behind the scenes, your Hosted Database has been updated with all of the user information in real time.  When it is time to place orders you have all of the “correct” information in a spreadsheet which you use to easily calculate your orders and place them.

The orders arrive, and you bag them.  You use the spreadsheet you have from the Hosted Database to print customized personal tags for the bags.

Now the first of the month comes.  All of your customer Wine Club transactions have been automatically processed by PayPal.  If you have 100 customers, you now have $2500 less PayPal transaction fees in your account with no effort on your part. The money is in your PayPal account and all of your customers have received a receipt from PayPal.

About the same time you put together your Monthly Wine Club notification email letting customers know their Wine is ready for pickup along with any other announcements you’d like to make.  You send that email to ETP Marketing for release.  It goes out in a couple of hours.  A day later, reports are ready for your review if you’d like to see them.

At this point, you’re using the time you saved to think of more processes improvements you can make using Hosted Web Forms.

As for the extra revenue, you’ll find uses for that too!

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