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I passed Hubspot’s InBound Marketing Certification exam last week after attending their InBound Marketing University for about 4 weeks.

The actual certificate looks like this….

Hubspot InBound Marketing Certificate

The Inbound Marketing Certification acknowledges the recipients proficiency in Inbound Marketing principals and best practices. These principles include: blogging, social media, lead conversion, lead nurturing, and closed-loop analysis.

In order to receive the Inbound Marketing Certification, the recipient must pass a comprehensive certification exam with a score of 75% or higher.

Hubspot offers an interesting software tool set for their customers.  Since I’m also Certified in Google Analytics, I thought it would be interesting to  compare the functionality between the two. Both tools have their own place in the Analytics world and as with all things SEO, what you get out of them is a direct result of what you put in.

Google Analytics, for a free tool, really gives you a lot of reporting capability.  It of course works quite well with Adwords.  It offers a multitude of reports that can really help you optimize a website’s traffic for achieving goals, converting leads, and making sales.  Google offers a number of associated tools for analyzing keywords and fine tuning a websites performance.  All in all, an excellent package.

Hubspot’s tool set has a focus toward InBound Marketing functionality plus it offers an all in one package approach.  You can do just about all of your work from one location.  Analyzing a website’s traffic is standard, including keywords, RSS feeds, and blog performance.  They even have their own blog software built in which is ideal for a small business doing InBound Marketing.  In addition, I find that their dashboard functionality is really excellent.  From their dashboard, they analyze your site’s keywords and then provide the user with daily article, blog, and social media feeds.  This helps you rapidly develop a presence in the community by commenting on pertinent items as they occur.  To do this on your own would take quite a bit of effort.

Both tools have their place in the world to be sure.

Website Marketing is a lot of work but pays huge dividends.  You need to work at it every day or at least a couple of times per week.  If you’d like me to help you get started you can contact me here.

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