Hosted Web Forms with PayPal Support

At my ETP Marketing site, I just added PayPal Support to the existing Hosted Web Forms, Hosted Database, and Email Blast Services.  This is be really nice functionality for the small business or not for profit as it allows them to sell products or take donations without having to put together some sort of Shopping Cart.

The fact that it can easily be tied into the Hosted Database, Hosted Web Forms, and Email Blast Service makes this a money making must have feature.  All this and the client really doesn’t need to know a bit of code.  That works for a lot of folks frustrated with the technology that just want to get on with business.

As I build out these services, I’m trying to listen to my customers and be as inclusive as possible.  I had been providing the PayPal services for some time for a few clients before offering it as part of the package.  It works so well that including it is really a no brainer!

Of course, ETP Marketing offers a spectrum of services beyond the Hosted Web Form Services.  They are Interactive Producer Services that range from basic Interactive Producer Services to more sophisticated Interactive Producer Professional Services.

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