Hartford Borrows Open Source Concept

In a February 5th Information Week article by Charles Babcock, Charles tells us that James McGovern of The Hartford Insurance Company believes in Open Source Software. I am personally having trouble connecting the dots here as there is nothing in the article that even remotely suggests or would lead one to that conclusion. In fact, quite the contrary.

James is involved in nothing more that joint [collaborative] proprietary software development. This is nothing new and has nothing at all to do with Open Source. Companies have been doing this for many years.

James McGovern says, “If I can share the expense of development without giving away proprietary advantage, then I have competitive advantage”. This isn’t OSS, James is simply trying to lower development costs by having several insurance companies jointly develop applications that they can share. The development isn’t public, there is no community participation, and the end product will not be released under an Open Source license. Calling that OSS is nuts.

bandwagon.jpgAs I’ve said before, it never ceases to amaze me the length people will go to jump on the Open Source bandwagon.

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