Google Wave

Google Wave

I’m not sure how many people have seen or tried Google Wave yet, but I had a look at it over the weekend and it’s awesome.  It appears to me that Google Wave will set the bar for the next generation of collaborative applications.

Google Wave takes online collaboration to entirely new level,  and will surely be disruptive to the collaborative office products that exist on the market today.   For the small group or business, products like Wave can really diminish the value of having your standard office products like Microsoft Office and Sharepoint.

While there is a place of products like office and sharepoint, there are many places where it will be greatly overshadowed by the feature set of Wave.  Since Wave is Open Source and just in Beta, the number of available widgets will grow rapidly.

Wave can even do things like allow developers from different countries to collaborate in their native languages.  I’m sure that’s only the beginning.

If you have a small group you might consider giving it a try.

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