Google Analytics Keeps Growing

There are so many SEO and Analytic Tools in the marketplace it’s hard to keep up with them all.  Some are free, others are licensed, and others are sold on a subscription basis.  Most of these tools offer some sort of free component to get you interested.  For example, this morning I ran across a company from Sydney called Get Sticky that offers a SEO product with a Keyword and Website Analyzer for free to get you interested.

Last week I finished a week long free trial of Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing SEO software.  This is a paid subscription based software solution.   The approach taken by Hubspot is to provide the user with all the tools they need to do their job all in one place.  So for example you can do keyword and site analysis all from the same place.  A particularly nice feature they have from a social media perspective is a dashboard that searches social media sites based on your keywords and then provides links suggesting that perhaps you should comment on them.  That’s a timesaver and useful feature to be sure.

After finishing the Hubspot trial, I thought I’d take a look at Google Analytics again for comparison purposes. I haven’t looked at Google Analytics since about 05 or 06, other than a small peek at SES conferences.  It’s come a long way since then.

As you can imagine, there is a certain amount of functionality centered around Google Adwords but it’s not overdone. Google recognizes that in order for users to be successful with Adwords they will need to be successful with all of their web efforts, paid or not.  Their tool does a good job of tracking and analyzing your traffic, visitors, visits, pageviews, navigation, etc, so you can see what is resonating with people and what is not.  You can set goals to track achievement as well as track advertisement whether it’s email, Adwords, other PPC, and even TV and Radio.  If they have the data they will track ROI metrics for you.  Pretty nice.

Google Analytics is not as integrated or comprehensive as tools like Hubspot, but for a free tool it really offers quite a bit.  Like all things worth doing, it does take some work to get it all set up and then even more works to really tune website and search performance.  This is an ongoing activity and what SEO and Web Analysis are all about.

A nice aspect I like about Google Analytics is it allows me to work collaboratively with clients.  For example, I can set up an account for them and integrate it into their website which many of the less technical marketing folks would have trouble doing either because of the technical challenges or just the amount of time required.  I can then give them login privilages where they can review and analyze the report data and make changes to their site and see the effects . . . . flow, navigation, keywords, etc.

If you’d like me to set your site up on Google Analytics or even do some training, please contact me here.

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