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If you follow this blog you know that I’ve been using and selling Glyphius Software written by James Brausch for a little over a month now. James has created a new Newsletter entitled Testing which I’m quite interested in reading.

As anyone that is involved at all with SEO, Web Analytics, or Copywriting knows, optimizing a sites traffic for the ideal flow and conversion rate is not trivial. It is complex work and can be as much an art form as it is a science. This is the reason I’m interested in James’ Testing Newsletter. I’m sure he’ll have a number of interesting insights and methods he uses for Testing that I may not have used.

I have been using Glyphius along with ClickTracks successfully to do A/B split testing. This approach yields some great information. While Glyphius is inexpensive and can be purchased here, ClickTracks is a bit pricey. If you’re serious about your business it’s worth the investment.

For those not familiar, A/B testing is done by creating two sets of copy and using software, in this case ClickTracks to split the traffic randomly between the two pages and then analyze the resulting traffic flow and conversion.

Newsletter CD CoverSpeaking of Newsletters, I have just gotten James’ Newsletter Publishing Tutorial DVD. It is Titled….Earn An Income By Publishing Your Own Printed And Mailed Newsletter… Even If You Live On A Remote Island With Only Internet Access To The Outside World!

James uses the DVD to describe in detail the step by step method he uses to create and publish a Newsletter without ever leaving his home office. While it’s not technically difficult, it is informative and useful.

James sells subscriptions to his printed Newsletter for $300 per year, so if you’re at all ambitious you could use this same approach to earn some money too.

I sell the Newsletter Publishing DVD here for $20, shipping included. If you buy it at the same time as Glyphius, I include it for $10.

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