Glyphius is in Stock

I was contacted yesterday by someone wondering if I still had Glyphius in stock.  The answer is yes and you can buy Glyphius here at my store.  The reason he had asked is that he’s developing a complementary product to Glyphius and thought that because Eric Graham had sold out on his site that there had been a run on Glyphius and it was sold out entirely.

Eric does a nice job on his blog and has blogged extensively about test results he’s seen using Glyphius.  They are excellent to be sure, but for me I prefer to actually post real world results from my customers.  I find those sort of reviews compelling for many types of products.

The business model for Eric’s Conversion Doctor site is quite a bit different than mine too.  While he did manage to sell some 25 copies of Glyphius {at higher prices than I charge I might add}, product sales is not where he makes his money.  Eric’s revenue stream comes from the development of clients that he can provide recurring consulting services.

It’s a good model and he has done well with it.  It’s just not the same as mine.   In addition to Glyphius, I sell other products by James Brausch as well as software developed by others.

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