Glyphius Demo on MacBook Pro

I put together a brief Glyphius Demo running on a MacBook Pro. If you are using a Mac or Linux or some other Unix variant, there are easy low cost ways that allow you to run Glyphius without going to the trouble of loading windows or creating some sort of dual boot scenario.

In this video I take a headline from the Sunday, NY Times and show how you can quickly improve the headline’s Glyphius Score and click through rate almost certainly. There are numerous studies available that show increased click through and conversion rates using Glyphius.

Download link

(Requires QuickTime 7.2 or higher)

Products that I used to run Glyphius are:

  • Crossover by Codeweavers. This is a product based on the WINE Open Source Project. You can run quite a few windows .exe programs using this, but not all.
  • Glyphius for windows. Just put it in a folder on your hard drive and double click it to run.

You can buy Glyphius Here.

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