Direct Search – has an interesting twist on the search idea.  Rather than aggregating results from other sources or specialized engines [as so many others do], they are developing their own network with an interesting approach for B2B enterprises.

PeokaThe company is headquartered in the UK and they have about 200,000 business subscribers to date.  They are just entering the US market at the SES 2008 conference that I attended in NYC.   The functionality is that a business can select a keyword or keyword phrase and have any “Go Direct” search link directly to the company website.  This is not a link or a listing like you would get using a Google or other search engine,  Peoka “Go Direct” search sends the user directly to your website.

There are a number of aspects about this that could be really cool if they get enough of a client base using the product:

  1. The direct page presentation aspect is really desirable if you’re a business.  It brings qualified customers to your site and your site only.
  2. For the user, they are not faced with the prospect or need to sift through thousands of irrelevant search results to find what they are looking for.   One click gets them right to a qualified and targeted vendor.  Great way to save time and I expect to see more variations on this from others in the future.
  3. The business can select targeted keywords and have a “Go Direct” response for search terms that would be difficult or impossible to get even above the fold from a normal search engine due to the sheer number of listings.  This is a huge benefit.  I could see Peoka setting up some sort of bidding scenario on keywords in the future.  Different approach than placing ads.

Peoka also has tool bar software that you can download that will install a Peoka “Go Direct” toolbar on Internet Explorer which will help get adoption up too.

I picked and am experimenting with a couple of keywords including Glyphius and Copywriting Software.   I actually place pretty well on Google with Gylphius but Copywriting Software is a little trickier.

Given that more than 50% of my Glyphius sales have been international, I think Peoka might prove to be a good platform for the market.  I expect taht I will be picking up other forms of copywriting software and web analysis packages in the near future, so the copywriting software phrase will be a good fit.

To buy Glyghius for ETP.

To try

To install the Peoka Toolbar for IE, click the Download Toolbar option on the page above.

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