Delivering Business Process

Seems like everything I read these days has an article about improving Business Process or the importance of business process design for IT.  This month’s CIO magazine is no different.  There are a number of articles that talk to Business Process, BPM, Enterprise System design and workflow.

I like Galen Gruman’s article titled Cures for Complexity in particular.  He talks about the need for CIOs to reduce complexity within their organizations and ways that may be accomplished.  I really have to agree whole-heartedly with the people he interviewed.

The comments from Patty Morrison of Motorola really ring true.  Getting agreement internally from user organizations on the fundamental structure of a centralized database records really makes things integrate well down the road.  While doing this may cause a reasonable amount of planning and redesign effort in the beginning, over the long haul it is a lifesaver.  Integrating new systems and functionality gets faster and easier each time.

Much of this is the basis of SOA architectures and Enterprise Architecture [EA] that people have been talking about for a while.

Looks the the shift to Business Process oriented design and implementation is really beginning to get traction.

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