CloudForce in NYC

I’ll be attending CloudForce at the Sheraton on 7th Avenue tomorrow.  Should be interesting.

CloudForce is a event where you can familiarize yourself with the SalesForce CRM product as well as get a preview of upcoming features and functionality.  I’ve been using SalesForce on and off for about 8 years now, so learning about the product is not really of any interest.  I am however quite interested in meeting some of their partners and reviewing their solutions.

I just finished managing an implementation and integration of SalesForce last year and am actually in the final phase of cleaning up some of the loos ends.

Interestingly, I find that the use case for SalesForce has moved quite a bit beyond what one thinks of when implementing a typical CRM System.  I find it way more useful to think of it as an enterprise process improvement tool and information system.  The actual sales use case for the tool is minor compared to the value it can provide to the marketing and service organizations.  I find it quite useful as a KPI {key performance Indicator} analysis tool, not as much for employee performance but instead for programs on-going throughout the enterprise.

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