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SaaS – Deploying Cloud Apps

There is really quite a bit of talk these days about companies deploying SaaS type apps to the cloud.  There are a lot of good reasons to do so, not the least of which being agility.  Generally you can get … Continue reading

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CRM e-Book – User Adoption Planning

I just released a free e-book on my main site –  Click the e-book image to download it for free. CRM Success Series -User Adoption Planning How User Adoption Planning Can Lead to Successful CRM Implementations   By: Ken Mulcahy … Continue reading

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Project Engagement Estimator Worksheet

How many times have you found yourself planning a Project or putting together an Engagement Proposal with no tools to help you?  I have often so that’s why I created the Project Engagement Estimator Worksheet.  I have literally been using … Continue reading

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Project Management in a Recession

There is an interesting article in CIO by Meridith Levinson titled ” Why Project and Portfolio Management Matter More in a Recession“. IT departments scaling back on project work as the economy lurches toward a recession may be tempted to … Continue reading

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SaaS & Training in a Recession

We’re entering a recession now or perhaps we’ve been in one since 07, depending who you listen too these days.  I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. During any economic cycle you have companies or industries that are going … Continue reading

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