Apple’s Success Problems

There is an excellent article in Red Herring this morning talking about Steve Jobs falling victim to his own success.  The article talks about the great job that Steve Jobs has done in keeping his Operating Systems closed to protect his technology and the fantastic marketing work he has managed in designing and promoting his products.

Let’s face it, the MAC, Ipod, and Iphone all have the cool factor in a big way.  They are so cool in fact that people all over the world are cracking the code, reverse engineering the products and making clones to fit their own needs.  This is happening all over the world and there is very little he can do about it.

Basically, Apple is a victim of its own success. And I quote…..

Poor Steve Jobs; he’s got to be going nuts here. It’s like trying to hold water with your bare hands. There are leaks all over the place – and not the kind you can trace. And this happening a guy who liked to tell Fortune magazine what photographer they should use for their annual cover suck-up about him.

There’s got to be someone he can fire. It’s that damn Internet. Word on a hack gets around even faster than he can slap a lawsuit on somebody. And those hackers are everywhere, not just within the reach of the U.S. courts. Beijing, Shanghai, Oslo? What’s a control freak to do? Maybe he’ll call Al Gore. Didn’t he start all this? 

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